Today I learned a new word. I learned how to say "Go fuck yourself" in Java.

It's "deprecated"

I had a nice Java method using POI 3.13 which replaced a sheet in an existing Excel workbook with a sheet from a different file. Worked well except for a specific type of calculation cell.

So, we decided to try POI 3.17.

I have to rewrite about 20% of my code due to deprecated methods and variables in POI.

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    ...and then POI 4.1 which required an upgrade to Java 8 (yes, we are still on 7) and upgrading/adding 4 other libraries all for...

    ...the code to choke on a _different_ calculation.

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    >yes, we are still on 7

    Aw... Don't say it like you're ashamed... Some COUNTRIES are still on 6 :'D
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