Any devRanter from Istanbul, Turkey?

I am on my way to collect my passport from UK embassy and I am sure I got the visa approved.

So now my new airline tickets will give me a 20 hour layover at Istanbul.

Not only I am excited to explore the city, but I am more excited to meet my fellow ranters there. Let me know what works.

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    I don't think you can get out of the airport in Istanbul. If you're traveling by Turkish airline, you may have an exception.
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    I think you are transit in Istanbul, you can't leave the airport.
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    Unless you have a visa for Turkey too, you can't exactly exit the airport just like that. This works for pretty much any country. Airports are neutral territory, to exit you need to go through a visa check.
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    Cant you get a 12h visa? They gave us one in beijing and that place is nit exactly foreigner friendly.
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    @HoloDreamer why not? There is something called transit visa which most countries comply to.
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    @gitpush @RememberMe @tekashi not sure why is everybody behaving like I am an illiterate dumbass?

    Ofc I am aware about transit visa and I will get one. The country thrives on tourism and if they won't provide it, how will they boost their economy?
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    Last time i've missed a connecting flight from india at Attatürk i coulden't leave and visit the city because it was only 6 hours waiting time. You can leave the airport if it's more than 8h lay over if i remember correctly.
    But google that or check tripadvisor.com
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    @heyheni I did. I can leave if I have a transit visa. Atleast that seems logical to me.

    And six hours because the check-in for next flight should be on time else you might miss it.
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    @Floydian what are you doing at indias former oppressor?
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    @heyheni visiting a friend who is at onsite and starting my world tour.
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    @Floydian why is your passport in the uk embassy?
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    @hubiruchi because with an indian passport you need for the most countries a visa.


    As a swiss person i only need in 31 countries a visa. As an Indian you need in 132 countries a visa.
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    @hubiruchi for visa? Why else?

    @heyheni lucky fuckers.
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    @Floydian did you apply for visa directly to UK embassy? Not through VFS ?

    I have an event invitation in London coming October.
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    @HoloDreamer via VFS is the only way. I doubt one can apply directly to Embassy.
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    @Floydian oh yeah that makes sense
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