I am getting bullied.

My classmates think I am gay for not having a girlfriend.

I am 16 and so are my classmates.

I think it's weird and inappropriate to have a girlfriend at this age.

I hate my life.

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    @rutee07 Please don't comment on this rant. I like you for your sense of humor but this time I am serious. No offense : X
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    How immature.
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    Sorry you have to go through that. Been there. If it's not one thing, it's another. I like to wear colorful shirts, some that have pinks and purples in them, and I have LGBTQ friends, so the assumption by others is that I am. You just have to get to a point where you don't let it get to you, and you just be you.
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    Revenge is best served cold, just keep going and focus on. You started young, don’t waste it.
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    One thing that it's important to realize about the vast majority of sixteen-year-olds is that they're terrible, terrible people who are unaware of the effect of their terribleness on others. This period is brutal right now, but it's just for now. Whether you're gay or straight, don't worry. Never worry. Worry makes people make mistakes.
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    Luckily you're 16 and you'll soon have the chance to never see your insignificant classmates again
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    Dont let them break you down
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    You're in the minority with that belief but there's lots of people in the world so find new people to hang out with
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    You may not be able to, due to shyness and all that, but if you can, try to just roll with the punches. If they call you gay, don't react or show that it bothered you. Or, if you can summon up the courage to do so, play along. Someone calls you gay and you respond with, "Yep, absolutely, 100% raging homosexual. Why? You interested?" If people think it doesn't bother you, they'll eventually get bored. If they think you're laughing and joking about it, the whole thing will turn into a big joke that you're in on, instead of one made at your expense. (Or it will make the bullies so uncomfortable that they'll stop)

    Seriously though, they call you gay? As an insult? Wow, that's awfully stupid of them. If they don't change their ways, they'll end up not even being able to keep a job of flipping burgers for a living.
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    Maybe they’re just scared that you have a strength to chose your own path in life not just follow one showed in media.
    People often see difference as a threat, most people are scared to change city or country. They don’t live their safe place and with your behavior you just annoy them and bring them out from their safe place.

    It is known animal behavior.

    So piss them off more and do what you want not what people want you to do.
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    Fuck haters. I'm 20 and I hadn't had a girlfriend. Yeah, weird, but I focus too much on learning to have time for anything else and I have very specific requirements when it comes to women. I find 4 hours a week to dance, and thats it. Although I'm going to college now, so I hope I will meet someone cool there.
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    Sadly it doesn't stop at 16. :-(

    I was in my early 20's before I got a girlfriend, and my neighbour used to spread rumours I was gay.

    Even some years later in online chatrooms, the other men would try and put off women from chatting to me by saying I was gay !

    And so these people join your enemy list.

    As you get older this list will grow.

    Perhaps you can shorten it..

    I recommend:


    But with morals, eg. only those who hate you.

    When I was 16 I was about the only one without a girlfriend !

    So I don't see it as weird and inappropriate to have one, but perhaps in today's world, we like to shun such things.

    In the old days, folk would get married at that age !

    So this new-age thing of waiting, is just trying to deny us happiness with someone else.
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    As regard pink clothing, several women friends of mine advised me to get rid of all of the items I had like that.

    Most I had just picked up for free and hadn't considered if it made me look gay or not.

    Once I went into a gay chat room and asked if these jeans made me look gay..

    That caused a huge scene !
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    @Nanos what type of jeans? I hate when people categorize others by clothing.
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    @Nanos lol, since when does the colour of the items one has define their sexuality. Maybe it's for one's benefit to avoid those females who think that way.

    Did your boyfriend also think that owning pink dildos made you look gay?
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    I think it was more advice to stop me being beaten up in the street by not wearing anything pink.

    It is hard enough to find suitable women as it is, I don't want to reduce that number any more by choosing the wrong sort of clothes.

    After a lot of study / research, I recently changed my wardrobe now and wear a leather jacket, since that appeals to a lot of women.

    Since doing so, I have noticed an increase in views of my dating profiles, and a slight increase in the number of women who speak to me online.
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    I don't remember what type now, just I had a free pair of jeans, and as I knew nothing about fashion I thought, well, I'd better check !

    No one really answered the question, so I'm no wiser when it comes to the least gay looking jeans to choose.

    At the moment I'm choosing black as it doesn't show the dirt so easily as blue ones.

    All advice welcome on macho jeans !

    All I know from a practical point of view, is always have buttons, then no getting your equipment caught in the zip !
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    This might interest you:



    I suspect that if males can tell your strength from your face that they bully the weaker males, as such perhaps the answer is to do weight lifting/training and get stronger.

    I'm currently on that road, so will see if that makes any difference to the amount of males that bully me after I'm stronger.

    Related links:



    Cheap low cost equipment solution:

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    @M1sf3t I have to disagree. From my knowledge, skinny jeans got popular much earlier than the movement. But if you're a skinny guy like me, you will look better in skinny than any other fit. Ofc, if you ain't skinny yourself, don't buy them.
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    Yeah, because everyone needs a girlfriend that early on.
    I mean, that's kind of the case for me, but let's be real here: If you still go to school, don't actually look for a girlfriend. Your classmates are just a bunch of horny idiots anyway ;)
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    Many people end up marrying someone they met at school, so once out of school, suddenly the number of available women drops hugely !

    This may be your best chance to get started.

    Try to avoid STD's and unwanted pregnancies though..

    A relationship can really make you happy.

    And also very sad at times..

    Even just female friends can be a good thing, get you networking for later, and learn social skills.
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    @Nanos mate, first of all, where the fuck do you live that you get beaten up for wearing pink? That sounds so retarded.

    Also, I've seen that you changed your style lately. Remember to wear stuff that you like. Believe me, you won't look confident if you don't like wearing what you do.

    And if you are looking for some fashion tips, Reedits malefashionadvice subreddit and their Basic Bastard guide are a pretty good starting points.
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    @M1sf3t I didn't need to know the part about the bulls😂
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    > Remember to wear stuff that you like.

    I don't really have a preference for how things look, mainly it is their practical side.

    So things like, enough pockets, are they big enough/etc.

    Very quickly I find the thing I want is no longer made, and a rare item !

    Suddenly its like playing an RPG as you hunt on Ebay for that item. :-)

    As clothing can be used to attract mates (In my case females.) I now try and tailor my look towards that aim.

    I didn't really used to do that, as I'd been told by the mass media that it is inside that counts..

    And now I find, folk don't really give a fuck for that at all !

    This at least opens up more avenues of women I may date, as I'm no longer looking for a meaningful connection, as I'm never really going to get that anyhow !

    I just ended up with yes-women who said whatever was necessary to get what they wanted at the time.

    For deep connections, that is what friends is for.
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    Also works for skintags. :-)

    But, try and get someone competent to do that, or they could put it in the wrong place and then it isn't so easy to remove next time..

    USB cameras / microscopes might help there !

    I dunno if its advisable for moles though, anyone with medical knowledge can comment there ?

    Or would you likely if the mole is large, cause a big problem due to the large blood flow ?
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    Make one of those shopping phishing website to get credit card numbers, send them to your classmates.

    I did the facebook password phishing, its super easy and was a good option back in 2011
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    I dealt with this a lot, so I'll put in my 2 cents. Gay isn't an insult anymore. Calling someone gay is, in my opinion, just really stupid. Why would it matter even if you were? It'd be his problem, not yours. Hell, why is that even his business to start with.

    What I'm trying to say is to try and ignore it. High school sucks. College is much better. If you really want it to stop, the magic words are "Prove it". He won't be able to.
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    @alexbrooklyn and in some countries will get you in serious trouble
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    @electrineer yep, once I graduated, I never looked back. Screw all of them, especially some of the teachers that also bullied me

    @EmberQuill that's so true. Just don't give a shit, they'll lose interest.

    Honestly, my advice is, try to make one solid good friend and an interesting hobby that'll keep you occupied. I started playing guitar when I was 12, it was something that no one did at my school, so I had this whole world that I could explore and retreat into when I was feeling down.

    You'll get through it. It gets easier, you just gotta take it one day at a time. Also kids suck lmao
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    I suggest at least two solid friends, in case one dies.

    Always have a backup. :-)
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    It starts with gay insults, then if that isn't stopped, it mushrooms, before you know it, every woman thinks you are gay and don't like them.

    Then people with kids start worrying you are going to molest them, because that's the next insult they use.

    A pedo.

    Then you are a terrorist.

    Then people beat you up in the street, stone your car, pass you over for jobs.

    You can't just ignore it, it doesn't go away, it just gets worse.

    Tried that.

    Don't recommend it.

    Also tried the, standing up for yourself, which if you do it poorly, ends you up in trouble with the authorities.

    But it did stop things !

    In hindsight, stand up for yourself, but do it in such a way that it isn't easy to figure out you did it !

    Play dirty.

    Be smart.
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    Its not gay its the path to becoming a wizzard!!
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    @M1sf3t I'm doomed to a life of profiling... pink and purple Hawaiian shirts and skinny jeans... guess I don't care. 😁👫🌈
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    @mindev well, its that or a bulldog... the bands are more "humane"...
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    20% of all men get 80% of all women. Not having a girlfriend is not the root cause why they attack you with those claims.

    You are in a situation you don't even understand. Change that.
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    Trying to decide which one to wear today...
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    Purple is also favoured by some cultures.

    I'm reminded of an ex who was so proud of her individual dress sense, until she visited where I lived, where everyone dressed the same as she did !
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    By cultures, I mean countries, or other countries where people from the first country have moved to and set up their own enclave of culture there.

    Not gay cultures..

    I'm so used to PC terms like culture, rather than countries..
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    No, not gay countries either. :-)

    Though, I was reading the other day, 20% of Norway women are gay, so how long before the entire country is gay because no one is having children..

    This of course makes it much harder to get a date if you are male looking for a female !
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    It's happening I reckon due to the push of the PC culture.

    Related link:

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    I hadn't really considered it an issue in the dating world, as such I'm now going around counting the number of gay women on the island..

    So far the number is surprisingly high. :-(
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    On the plus side I was reading that 50% of gay women become not gay at some point later in their life.

    So if I get two women gay friends, I'll be first in the queue when one of them changes !
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    @irene don't put your misanthropic world view in my mouth. Nobody said they are commodities.
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    The PC world has been devaluing men for a while now, chipping away slowly to encourage anything but heterosexual pairings.

    Women don't need a man now..

    Though I rarely see any woman doing DIY. :-)

    I'm reminded of a recent discussion about equal pay here, and someone pointed out that only 2% of the sea based workforce in industry was women.

    I can quite imagine it is 20%, but I would like more details.

    I'm particularly interested in women I knew decades ago who are now gay, what made them become like that, when they didn't use to be ?

    Is it in part because there are less manly men about ?

    And, how and at what point, does a gay woman decide not to be gay.

    I know talking to women who have suddenly decided to be gay, one of the common elements was proximity, eg. if there was no men in their lives and only women, they would go for women.

    Which is also a factor in single sex schools for boys..
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    I first noticed that when chatting in a gay chatroom (I join all chatrooms..) that so many gay men went to single sex schools.

    The vast majority reckoned it had nothing to do with them being gay, but it seemed an odd common element.

    A bit like, there seems a higher number of women who are single because they went to a girls only school and missed out on social skills with boys.

    It's an interesting subject, and also a worrying one if you are trying to get a date !
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    @irene wouldn't that negate your earlier comment?
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    @Frederick Norway is the Lesbian headquarters xD
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    I'm reminded the last woman from Norway I had a detailed chat with suddenly turned Lesbian. :-(

    Maybe if I lived nearer to her that wouldn't have happened..
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    She was heterosexual when I first started chatting to her, and then kissed a girl at college and started a relationship with her and went off men !
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    I was hoping to get more information from her about why she went off men..

    I need to chat to more lesbians..
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    She firmly expressed a lack of interest/attraction in men.
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    We got on well, she knew something like 8 languages, and was very bright.

    We was not geographically near each other though..

    Her new girlfriend appeared only a physical attraction, there was barely any mention of shared interests beyond spending most of their time kissing..

    She talked about suddenly feeling attraction towards a woman at college, it grew over time until she eventually kissed her out of the blue. (If a guy did that, he'd probably get arrested !)

    The other woman responded in kind and they paired up.

    It was interesting to be there so to speak during that process.

    But I'm not sure I learned anything much of any practical use, other than, its a good idea to go to college to meet girls..
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    Actually, when I did go to college, I did notice something odd in that the boys generally hung out with other boys, and girls hung out with other girls.

    In the class room all the boys sat in one group and all the girls in another.

    Only a few boys (Like me..) would mingle with the girls. (Who wouldn't want to be in the middle of a group of girls!)

    I was expecting more of a mix myself.
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    @Nanos and she turned lesbian after you talked to her? HMMMM @_@ let's put 1 and 1 together
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    Perhaps this is the time you need to realise you do not need to give a shit about what other people think and what they think you are.When I was in highschool people gave me countless labels.it wasn't great but I kept in mind I have no affiliation to them and I'll never see them again after school.These people are really just attention seekers.Don't worry.Talk to people you trust.Do your work and leave after school ends.Repeat the next day.
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    You never know, I might have that effect on some women. :-)

    I think it more likely I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture that moment.

    I do after all, chat a lot..

    But it is interesting, and I do think me not being geographically close enough to date her, did in some manner contribute towards her going gay !

    Obviously I need to test this by finding some local women to be friends with and see if they go gay or not..

    Which again I can imagine could happen if I'm not a suitable enough male..

    Be interesting to hear anyone else's experiences there of knowing someone during their transition period.
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    People don't just change their sexualities, mate.
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    I'm sorry to hear that... Being devaluated and bullied during my high school was one of my motivation to study more and get the fuck out of the environment I was in. Life isn't bright sometimes, but you're still young and many good things will eventually happen.
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    I've seen folk change in RL though.

    Some even had sex changes.

    Known them over decades.

    Why people change interests me.

    Some are born that way it appears, but some change.

    Nowadays, more are changing than are born that way.
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    @Nanos I think what you refer to as "changing" is them just finding out their sexuality is different.
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    No, they really was heterosexual beforehand.

    In some cases for quite a long time, eg. until their 20's or 30's.

    Others also went the other way, eg. non-hetrosexual's who suddenly in their 20's/30's decided to be hetro.

    One described to me how she woke up one day and felt different, no longer wanted her husband.

    Most puzzling.

    Brainwashed, chemicals in the food/water, weakened male gender, could all be contributing factors.

    Interestingly, more evident in some countries than others. (I'd say more in western style countries, or those developing into such countries.)

    Also appears to take several generations among immigrants before it begins to appear.

    Now is that down to genetics, or environmental, or perhaps a combo ?

    I might point more towards environmental as often such cultures stick to their own kind, so less genetics at play perhaps.

    But maybe you don't need much of a genetic change for such changes to surface.
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    A useful tool if you want your neighbouring country to reduce its population is to encourage folk to have less children.

    Which I reckon is why in some countries it is outlawed.

    As wars are generally won by whoever has the biggest population.

    It will be interesting to see what happens to Japan with its shrinking population.

    Related link:


    Which perhaps brings up full circle and makes us ask why the poster doesn't want a partner.

    Is their reason their own, or is it one that has been brainwashed into them ?

    Just how far can you go to alter peoples behaviours..

    And if you can, can we alter people to be kind, thoughtful and cooperative towards each other, as that would be a really useful thing to achieve !

    Is that happening here, why are we so nice to each other just here, is it the environment causing that ?
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    Makes me think of other behaviours too.

    Such as, have I always been a fat person hiding inside a skinny person, or did my behaviour change ?

    Are alcoholics born, or made ?

    Maybe some are born, maybe some are suseptable to becoming one.

    Just what behaviours can we change, or be changed.

    And how do we encourage the positive ones..

    One such behaviour locally, is litter.

    In some countries harsh fines, prison, lashes, etc.

    But can we employ the carrot instead of the stick to get folk to pick up their litter ?

    Maybe we just need more bins..
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    I can imagine Japan solving its problem with robots / androids.

    Or artificial wombs..
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    @Nanos Oh boy do I have an explaination for your related link:

    Porn. Even though censored over there.

    But on the topic of non-genetic sexuality change: I still don't see it as a thing. Some people take a lot of time to come out as non-hetero or bi, simply because of fear. Usually it's when they lose their fears that they do come out.
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    Whilst in general agreement, I think it isn't going to be the lack of innovators being the problem in itself, but the lack of engineers to develop and build the solution.

    We are rapidly running out of people capable of building these new robots.

    Working on several projects myself, and I notice it is pretty difficult to find knowledgable people to give advice, even globally !

    My hope is we can do it in time.

    I guess we can at least try..
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    <-- Little ripple..
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    Here home schooling is taking off in a big way, as such kids are being taught by snowflake parents how to cut hair, but not how to read/write/count..

    Where I am, they are also closing schools too, so education choices are getting more limited by the day.

    Collages dropping maths classes and instead changing to athletics..

    Universities dumbing down what few technical courses exist such that you probably know more about the subject when you arrive, than after you've graduated..

    The only good places left, well, a single good place !

    With not enough places for everyone..

    And local authorities hell bent on making new regulations causing empty seats !

    We can't have educated people can we..

    They might change the status-quo..
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    Well, the new status-quo..

    The "Make sure your neighbouring country is full of idiots, then it won't be a threat to you because no one will be able to figure out how to shoot straight.."

    Though it could just be evolution in action, after all, look what happened to the dinosaurs..

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    Come to the dark side (of hacking) we have a lot of funny tools like Whireshark or Metasploid 😈
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    @Nanos Untrue, the U.S. is full of idiots, but it's still a very influential country.
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    "Gay" is not really an insult. If anything, I think it tells more about them than you.
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