0 - I love learning more than anything and there is no other career where I can literally spend every minute of the day learning for the rest of my life. AND get paid for it.

1 - I like taking things apart to understand how they work. I need to know the "why" of things.

2 - I am not very sociable so it's literally the ideal career. I don't need to wear a shit suit and pretend to like people.

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    Couldn't have summarized that any better
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    reason[0] is top stuff, same applies for me 🤓
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    Same quit a job because they wanted me to change into a social butterfly 😂
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    [2] is very relatable to me
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    i agree . But i am sociable and still the best career. I can meet a lot of people from different areas. Also is great to war a suit :) sometimes.
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    well, honestly, I need to change [0] becouse it's not true for me, for let's say "I love seeing stuff work. It's incredible when you start from nothing and you end up having something that works, and fills in your checkboxes. Its that satisfaction when you finish one piece of code" than, I can 100% relate.
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