My fellow devs!

The time has come to finally get a new laptop. The old champ is dying and it needs a replacement. I've narrowed down my choices to a Dell XPS 13 16gb ram 4K edition (I'd prefer the ram and not 4k but whatever).

My main concern is overheating. I want to use it on my commute and it's already getting hot and I don't need a fiery mess on my lap. Anyone have any issues with one? Anyone particularly against them and have an alternative?

I'll be running purely Linux on it as soon as I get it and it's going to be solely for development.

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    Go for it. I have the i7 skylake release. If you're on hi-perf governor then you might get hot. Otherwise (powersave mode) this lappy is cold af. It doesn't even bother spinning up fans most of the time.

    It stays cold unless you give it a burst of tasks to process, like compilation. Then temps suddenly rise to ~80-90 and fans turn on.

    Its kbd panel is black and it might get really hot in direct sunlight.
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    That is fantastic, thank you. I find I can't trust online reviews anymore, they're always bullshit and with heat you can just tell until you use it. And I trust you guys.

    Looks like I'm getting me an XPS!
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    @Charon92 cheers!

    It's difficult to find good reviews. I used to trust people's comnents on amazon listings and so, but lately it feels like there are appearing more and more fake ones, or bought ones. Biased.

    Good luck with your new xps! It's amazing, I can tell you that much. Go for the beefiest configuration!

    Btw I've never thought I'd love a laptop touchscreen THAT much!
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    You actually use the touchscreen?!

    I was kind of annoyed when I saw it had that but there didn't seem to be an alternative for the 16gb version.
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    @Charon92 In fact I do!

    And I get annoyed when I have to work with laptops that don't have a touchscreen.

    Nowdays most of the apps, websites are oriented to touch-technologies and it'squite often much easier to poke that button right on the screen than drag your mouse to find that button and click on it.

    Scrolling in Chrome w/ touchscreen is smooth and very nice. I'm trying to use touch wherever I can now :) Linux had some trouble with it at first, but later releases seem to have fixed everything.

    When I was buying mine XPS I was just like you, thinking I'll never use it. Little did I know! :)

    P.S. One more thing. I guess you've already read that XPS's touchpad does go nuts sometimes. It does for me too. But it's more like it gets stuck. Doing catwalks (I assume you know what a catwalk on a keyboard is?) for some time on my touchpad gets is back to life. Usually less than 30 seconds :) These freezes are very rare, maybe 1, max 2 times a month. Sometimes - 1 in 3 months period.
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    Most modern laptops don't get hot unless you are compiling something big, or gaming. Go for it.
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    You say that but my HP Envy gets VERY hot after a little while.
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