I am manually cleaning up my 200+ github repos.

Damn, this is tedious.

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    How exactly cleaning up? Removing obsolete branches?
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    @EngineerCoding that, and deleting empty / barely used repos
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    Ah, yes. Always best to keep on top of that ;)
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    That humblebrag
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    You, sir, are a liar. You said you have 200 "plus" repos, when you have exactly 200 repos. Ha
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    I feel you. Did the same months ago
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    @Mosesrocks I had exactly 252 repos. I know how to count.
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    How the hell can you be 16 and have 252 repos?
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    @myss I'm a busy person. I like making things and learning / tinkering with any new tools or other things I can find.

    I have a pile of old reference books from my dad about stuff like:

    Unix programming
    Various programming languages
    Computer architecture

    I will read through them and put together projects that way.

    As to the 250 repos, I follow a bit of a schedule:

    Start a project, it must be finished within the next three days, take a two day break, repeat.

    Sometimes my projects fail. I have just been removing failed projects from my GitHub unless they where really interesting and I might want to continue them later.
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    Well I must say really impressive. Just make sure you have some occasional leisure time. Otherwise you might burn out until before you even reach 20.
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