How do you convince a server administrator who thinks he knows all there is to know about networking that he really doesn't and should talk to someone who does?

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    Break the network in a way he can't fix 😈
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    You can maybe try to ask him some questions about things he doesn't know?
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    Change his default gateway....watch him cry
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    @Jifuna Oh, we've been doing that. Problem is he doesn't know what he doesn't know so he doesn't know that we know that he doesn't know what we know and it is hard to get him to understand that we know something he doesn't know.

    You know?
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    @JustThat I guess I know. Maybe two other options:
    1. Go to management or find someone in good standing with management who can tell them to fire the damn guy.
    2. Get him an intern, he will soon learn about that he didn't learn enough about learning about networking.
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    Problem is he's a vendor's server admin. We can't seem to get him to talk to his infrastructure people. He thinks he can see everything that's blocking our connection to his server but we are pretty sure there's something else he's unaware of.
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