Well WOW. Valve just released a totally new compiler for mesa.
And holy shit does it look awesome.
In some cases it brings 7.5x fasted compilation speed of LLVM. Holy shit this is awesome.
Well here i come testing.

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    Skimmed your rant, and having ”Valve” and “Mesa” in one sentence made my heart skip a beat.
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    Valve will never release a 3rd game of anything.
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    @RantSomeWhere same here dude, same here.

    At this rate it is pretty safe to assume that there will never be a HL3
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    @AleCx04 well, Project Borealis seems to be quite promising. It is a fan-made mod based on Mark Laidlaw's leaked script. Look it up, it's cool. They're building it in UE4 instead of Source, so it's basically written from scratch.
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