Gets another message from LinkedIn from a recruiter who is also the recruiting director of the company she works for about a possible position. I read the description and it sounded promising. You know, be familiar with or have a knowledge on SQL, .NET, C#, some CRM and networking. It’s software company who also provides cloud services. So I asked some questions during our phone call like:

Me: So what language(s) is used in the backend at this software company?

Her: *starts coughing and clearing throat* Well, your English is great so you’ll fit right in. Also just to confirm before going any further, are you U.S citizen?

Me: Yes, I am a U.S citizen. So do you know the language they use besides English? I mean the programming language they use to build their services and in-house applications?

Her: *clears throat* It says here that the candidate has some knowledge in any programming language.

Me: I saw .NET and C# listed in the description. What do they use this for? Are these the only languages and framework they use?

Her: I’ll have to check that for you from the hiring manager. Any other questions?

Me: Ooook, thanks. Uh, yes. What tools do they use? I didn’t see any listed. Do they have a preferred IDE?

Her: Yes, uhmm.. *coughs and clears throat again* they have UI, devOps, AWS, Networks, CRM, HTML & CSS which I can see you have experience in. So you’ll fit right in. I’ll send you a link to the company’s site so you can have an idea. You will hear from me as soon as I get anything from the Hiring manager. Any questions?

Me: *I lost hope* Uhh, noo. That’s all I have for now. Thank you.

Bruh, what’s going on here? 😒🤔

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    My guess its a recruiter that promised to deliver a number of candidates and are struggling to do so.

    Have had a number of calls from similar that only know whats listed in the paper but that have not asked any questions.

    The more superlatives or the more “sure” they are, the less they know.
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