Some "friend" who hasn't texted for 2 years

"Hey, I'm thinking of buying a laptop. Suggest me one within this range"

I suggest one

"But this one's prettier"


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    redirect those to /dev/null
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    @magicMirror will follow your advice the next time
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    @gaaraDev use the "pretty" /dev/null. keep it classy.
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    @gaaraDev If some "friend" hasn't reached out in two years comes online just to ask advice, I'd instantly wipe the message and move on with my life.
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    "Okay, you came for my advice, and you don't even take it. You just want someone to repeat your favorite choice. Fuck off, bye. This is the last time you will be able to contact me."
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    @kescherRant @kescherRant I'll save this for the next time 😂
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    @redman This is exactly what I would have done. Fuck that guy/girl!
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    Why did you even reply to "friend"...
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    @telephantasm my guess, because he was being polite.
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    @-AJ- @gaaraDev

    OK, Mr. Polite, what did you say after he said ""But this one's prettier"" ?
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    @telephantasm I replied with "Cool"
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    @telephantasm I don't like to ignore texts, I guess I should start doing it
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    @gaaraDev In cases like these, yes, absolutely.
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    what a friendo
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    Friend asked me for laptop buying advice once. Suggested a nice ASUS with enough ram, decent GPU, and plenty of storage. He went with a HP instead and its broken 2 years later 😂
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    @devNYC oh boy.. same here, he went with hp
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    Happens. Every. Time.
    That is why I ask "What is your budget?" and send them a link to search results with maxed specs within that budget.
    I Never recommend a specific one.
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    Had a friend and his crazy bitch of a wife talk me into selecting components for a desktop pc on a limited budget. They wanted a good pc but didn't have much money, heard you could do better if you buy in parts so they insisted. Fine, doable, rarely people can afford exactly what they want so I went all out, he's a nice guy, known him for years (wife is a semi-retarted, narcissistic psycho, but that's a different story). 2 days days and I assembled a full list of stores with best components at lower-than-average prices and sent it, offered help with assembly after purchase. Few weeks fast forward, I meet him and ask about the PC. With a dumb gaze - "we bought a prebuilt one".
    Motherfucker! Never again, my friend. Never!
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    Some people are more leeches than friends. At some point you just need to stop being nice and evaluate if wasting your time is worth it.
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    it happens to me, I mean I like something and I ask for advice. if the two models are not very different he can go for the prettier one, but if the one you suggested is way better give him a decent explanation so he can know more and maybe change his mind.

    I can't see where is the problem here
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    @Coffe2Code I understand your point.. I did explain him. The one which he's buying has 940mx graphics card.. the one that I suggested has mx150.

    And the thing is I cared to invest my time for the guy.. he didn't acknowledge that
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    These kinds of "friends" come from /dev/random !
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