Burnt my face when using a 350C soldering iron! Feels great, my lower right chin is charred though.

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    I remember 30 years ago when we were tinkering with a CB radio in my buddy's car where the front speakers should be switched to the CB if the CB was powered.

    Me: where is the soldering iron... feeling around in the cockpit... ZZSSHHHH AAHHHHH!
    Buddy: eh, you found it!
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    Haha, I remember at some point doing some soldering work with my bathrobe on, and the soldering iron fell off the table and into my lap. Good thing that it was only a split second for my reflexes to kick in but damn.. I tend to solder at 470°C (because I use thin conical tips for accuracy, so thermal mass isn't great) so that could've gotten ugly pretty quickly.. I mean it was right above my dingus!😅
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    @Parzi probably soldering something while lying under a car or something like that?
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    @Parzi @Condor

    Iron was on a metal stand, it got hot. I picked up the iron, accidentally touched the stand, flinched and it went into my face
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    @dudeking welp 😅 always be careful when working with those things!
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