What is your experience with a manager expecting you to be in office on Saturdays. I work in a small company and my manager just caught me off guard by telling me. "Well we can finish that on Saturday". Whatever I'm building is in schedule, nothing late and so I politely told him that cant do but I could make an exception for this Saturday and work from home. What would you tell your manager in that situation?

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    I'd tell him I have plans. If it doesn't say do in your contract he shouldn't expect you to work on weekends.
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    In my country I would have to do it if it was formal request from employer (bare certain special situations), but I would certainly start looking for new job if it was frequent occurrence. I average less than 10h of overtime per year.
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    I'll do it if it pays more. Companies usually have a higher rate for weekend or holiday work. I like cash, some people prefer rest days though.
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    @rutee07 Unfortunately it doesn't.
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    Manager: Well, we can finish that on Saturday.

    Me: We can finish that on Monday too.
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    @ethernetzero That's what I am going to tell him next time but today he really got me and I said I could do it at home anyways.
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    I’d make my way in the conversation to this line. Even though working at home is not a problem that is something you decide, he shouldn’t make his plans accordingly, and be grateful when you decide to do something on your own time.
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    If you have a contract: apply it.

    For example, at my company, they can ask to do late hours and weekends. But they must ask 1 week before and are paid twice the rate.

    So in one month, I could get my war machine with 2 Quadro p5000. :)

    If it's not paid but it gives an add value to the company... Hell no!!!
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    Since he said "we can fix" rather than "you can fix" the answer is simple:

    : Sure thing boss, you bring the beer and i'll see you at 6am, don't be late.
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