I... have a super embarrassing confession to make. So please be nice.

But I do need to vent about it, because if I just pile emotions up then I can't forget and that's worse than anything else right now.

So, I had an interview for a job.

... and long story short, I have caught feelings for the guy who (if I get the job) is going to be my boss's boss, and therefore my boss. I have behaved professionally, and I probably can continue working professionally... hopefully. But this is awful given how long I have actually not liked anybody. (Emotionally deprived, yesssss I am)

Like, what is with my fucking luck? Or my fucking brain for that matter?

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    Interesting. Decline the job offer, if it comes, and the phone number of the bosses boss...
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    @magicMirror well, you can't really do that when you're running short on money.

    Plus, he did not given any indication that he liked me and for all I know he could be happily married and have seven kids.
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    Hey, at least you now have the assurance you can still like somebody 😏

    But, as with everything, let it go at its pace, and see what's next first. Only act upon something given the right information has been processed.
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    @NoMad Then find out for sure. And jobs will come and go....
    Also - working for someone you have feelings for... not the best work env.
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    I repeat: short on cash.

    I'll get whatever comes my way. Soon this may even include sucking dicks.
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    @irene what's legal?
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    @irene yeah but you have to declare your business and income 😛
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    @NoMad ok. thats.... desperate. Fiver?
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    @magicMirror 😒😒😒
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    I found one of my interviewers -- the dreamy Raul -- so attractive that I had trouble thinking -- and not being very forward and hitting on him. >.>

    I'm not even really into guys, so it really caught me off guard. I think I'm glad I didn't get the job. ☹
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    @Root does it ever bother you that someome liking you too much might be the reason for you not getting the job? I've had a few weird experiences like that.
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    @NoMad There is nothing to be embarrassed about, really. If we were able to choose who, when, what, etc. to be attracted to, I'm pretty sure we'd know!

    Hope you get the job, by the way!

    @Root Something something chemicals doing whatever they want :D

    PS: You're not the only one that went through such thing too, if that helps ;)
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    @NoMad Yes. I have also had a few overly weird and creepy experiences. I'm glad I didn't get those jobs, either.
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    It's just your female lizard brain. See alpha guy, get hot. Maybe you're hot enough that his male lizard brain will respond to the stimulus.
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    Well, the original shock wore off. I think I can deal with it. Plus I'm as good at losing feelings as I am at catching them.
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    Office romance is not easy but it is possible. Remember to be professional about your work in the office and you can do it.
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    just be glad you have someone to like, i personally hate everyone.
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    @masskiller hating everyone is good, you'll never get called racist.
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    @Fast-Nop i'm an equal opportunity bigot, i hate everyone equally. (postal 2, anyone?)
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    Late to the party I know - but not embarrassing in the slightest. It's life, it happens. People find each other attractive all the time; it doesn't mean that working under him will be difficult or awkward.

    (Also, as he's not your direct superior you may not have too much day to day contact with him in any case.)

    I'd certainly never advise someone *not* to take a job just for this reason - that would be foolish. To put it in another light; if your boss' boss was replaced, and you found the new guy really attractive, would you hand in your notice? I'm guessing not - and in reality the two situations are really very similar.
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    Accept the job.
    Word your ass off.
    Make him notice you.
    Do your best to be nearer to him.
    If you had to sucdik to get promotion so you can be nearer, sucdik all the way.
    When you are near him, become friends.
    Make dates, even those dates involve other colleagues.
    Whether he is single or not, fuchim at least one time by all means.
    Fuchim more.
    When he fall for you, your feelings for him will be gone.
    Time to find a better job.

    The end.
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    @cursee you overestimate my patience and commitment to the cause!
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