Anyone using / tried using phone as main dev machine? (Usb-c to monitor + bt keyboard/mouse)

I'm thinking of grabbing display-compatible phone and using as my dev device, since you can run full Ubuntu on Android, it should work for most tasks.

Please share your thoughts/experiences

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    My guess is that as much as they're probably get at desktoping, I have some doubts about compile time and IDE load
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    1) Slow
    2) Slow
    3) Limited specs
    4) Slow
    5) Limited toolchain support
    6) Slow
    7) Easily lost/stolen

    Also, they're pretty slow.
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    @CptFox good question. Let me try.

    (My current phone doesn't support display, thinking of grabbing new one that would support it)
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    @Root just wondering if there are any research I could refer to?

    I'm using t420s at the moment. The speed is enough. Can it be worse?
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    A T420 !? Damn you're frugal, I'm pretty sure an S8 has a better CPU xD
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    @lawzava Probably, but I didn't research it apart from the little but required to get the toolchain working on my S7e. It had issues, and compiling was about as slow as I expected. Totally fine for one-off builds, but I would hate to iterate on a project with it. YMMV depending on just what you're building, but I can't imagine it being a pleasant dev experience having a phone, especially a low-spec phone, as your daily builder.
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    Stop right there.
    Why not a raspi with a 30k miliwat/hw battery + 128gb sdcard as a main dev device?
    Essentially the same as a phone - but much better specs, better battery, can connect a real keyboard, normal monitor. same mobility.

    Oh - no phone calls while you code. Shrug. forget it then.
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    @magicMirror so not building this...
    Also, you can get a cellular module for Rpi 😏
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    Just gonna go ahead and leave this here since you guys brought it up, kermit sent me the link the other day as a possible temporary replacement for my mbp since its gotten so dated. Maximum ram is only 4gb but considering the price, the specs really don't seem all that bad.

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    I tried (because my phone has a a better cpu -snapdragon 855- than my laptop -celeron n4100-).
    It's not too bad with AnLinux, but you need some sort of dock for your phone and some linux stuff is missing but it can work as a dev machine (no need to root your phone btw).

    (if you use Intel intrisics in your projects with no fallback to ARM neon or scalar operations... You're screwed)
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    S10 plus seems to be the best option if you are not under budget.. 😅😅
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