Anyone using / tried using phone as main dev machine? (Usb-c to monitor + bt keyboard/mouse)

I'm thinking of grabbing display-compatible phone and using as my dev device, since you can run full Ubuntu on Android, it should work for most tasks.

Please share your thoughts/experiences

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    My guess is that as much as they're probably get at desktoping, I have some doubts about compile time and IDE load
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    1) Slow
    2) Slow
    3) Limited specs
    4) Slow
    5) Limited toolchain support
    6) Slow
    7) Easily lost/stolen

    Also, they're pretty slow.
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    @CptFox good question. Let me try.

    (My current phone doesn't support display, thinking of grabbing new one that would support it)
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    @Root just wondering if there are any research I could refer to?

    I'm using t420s at the moment. The speed is enough. Can it be worse?
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    A T420 !? Damn you're frugal, I'm pretty sure an S8 has a better CPU xD
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    @lawzava Probably, but I didn't research it apart from the little but required to get the toolchain working on my S7e. It had issues, and compiling was about as slow as I expected. Totally fine for one-off builds, but I would hate to iterate on a project with it. YMMV depending on just what you're building, but I can't imagine it being a pleasant dev experience having a phone, especially a low-spec phone, as your daily builder.
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    Stop right there.
    Why not a raspi with a 30k miliwat/hw battery + 128gb sdcard as a main dev device?
    Essentially the same as a phone - but much better specs, better battery, can connect a real keyboard, normal monitor. same mobility.

    Oh - no phone calls while you code. Shrug. forget it then.
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    @magicMirror so not building this...
    Also, you can get a cellular module for Rpi 😏
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    I tried (because my phone has a a better cpu -snapdragon 855- than my laptop -celeron n4100-).
    It's not too bad with AnLinux, but you need some sort of dock for your phone and some linux stuff is missing but it can work as a dev machine (no need to root your phone btw).

    (if you use Intel intrisics in your projects with no fallback to ARM neon or scalar operations... You're screwed)
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    S10 plus seems to be the best option if you are not under budget.. 😅😅
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    Slow. Dont.

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    One of our senior devs won a contract by developing a demo app in two hours during a child's birthday party on a 9" tablet.

    After the project started, he then used the same tablet to code a huge feature that the client asked for only a few days before we were due to fly to their office to demo the final app. He coded it all on the flight and only had enough space to code with one hand. It was JS and WebGL shaders as well!

    JS, WebGL, one flight, one hand, one contract, one client who'd never seen their data visualised in such a useful way.
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    @M1sf3t A friend of his wife's kid's birthday
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