Like 4 month ago I got my laptop back from repair because hinge was broken.
When I got it home I checked the hinge. They were new but one of them had a small crack from factory.
I think they may have a fault in they factory because 2 hinges have crack at the same spot and I had opened the screen once and then I checked the hinge so yeah its from factory.
I would take it back but you know you are not supposed to open it blah blah and I knew it would break again but I gave it some super glue and it hold up longer then I expected TBH.
Today is the day it broke again.
Luckily not totally so its "savable".
Little hot clue until I get money and I can order new ones. But I can tell you next time I will print reinforcements for the hinges because it always breaks at the same spot.
The spot where hinges goes to those arm things that hold screen at the top.
Its fucking crazy that you buy 1K$ laptop and the screen hinge will fail twice in 1 year but hey they had to cut price somewhere I guess.
If I could I would print the hinges but I can't since we can't print real metal yet.
And I don't have CNC yet.
And the backplate broke too. But just screw holders broke. So little hot glue too until I order new one.
But I might just 3D model backplate and front panel too and have it CNCed out of Al.
That would be best solution I guess.

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