What Senior Software Engineer do?

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    Getting more money for doing the same than a normal software engineer.
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    Oh well that's awesome. 😂
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    I've never understood how can you prove that you are senior
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    Seniors know the map is not the territory.
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    Drink heavily because of architecture concerns, legacy code, clients, devs, deadlines, management, legacy architecture, scaling issues, meetings, and not enough hours in the day to address, let alone fix any of it.
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    @Root I used a version of that line today in a meeting with the business: “What did my liver do to you that made you hate it so much?”
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    @bkwilliams Every CTO keeps a bottle of whiskey somewhere. Always whiskey.
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    Keeping project safe from other company members and their stupid ideas.
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    @Sumafu just wanted to say: "making a shitton of money"
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    More meetings where nothing happens
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    Senior engineers don't fuck up as often and tell juniors not to do this and that because then they would fuck up.

    Or, if they're being asked too late, tell the junior that this was stupid and he has to do overtime to correct this stupid shit. Then the senior goes home.
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    TL;DR depends on the company

    It really depends on the company you are working at. At some companies senior/junior is purely based on years of experience, not based on skills. I've seen 20 year olds who should be considered senior developer, based on their skill set and experience. On the other hand, I've also seen developers in their 40s who definitely should not ever touch a keyboard in their life ever again.

    If you are lucky, the company you work at defines the senior/junior roles based on your skill set (and maybe less important, but being able to teach others is a useful skill as a senior dev).
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    @Root I reached the part where I drink heavily because of those concerns, hehe
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