Just when you think everything is working fine, after installing a new better router, it starts to stop working..

Then you start googling the error messages in its logs..

And find out loads of other people having the same problem !

Why didn't I hear about this when everyone was telling me how much better this new router was than my old one !

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    @rutee07 same shit different body.
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    After googling I find out there is a newer version of the same 'great' router that is apparently 'better'..

    To Ebay then..
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    Plugged in the old router and magically everything works fine..

    Interesting reading the thousands of people having trouble with their new routers that people put down to everything else being at fault, apart from their new router !
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    Now the question is, should I buy the 'supposed to be better' router and test it out, or not..

    I guess if I do get it, I'll know for sure that getting it wasn't the answer !

    Newer routers have more wireless range, which as I only just about get a signal in my room with my phone, I thought would be useful..
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    @Nanos sounds like you need a refund, sir!
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    I'm no longer a customer !

    Its router for the previous ISP, but as the new one is kinda the old one, but with a new name, it is supposed to work just fine with it..

    It's been sitting in a cupboard for over a year unopened.

    It was on my todo list to install at some point..

    And as something else was playing up, now seemed a good way of solving that problem at the same time !

    Of course, now, I have to fix that problem too..

    I thought I'd tried every possible combo of ways to fix it, but I figured out a new way, and it appears to work..

    For some reason Static IP addresses from PC A to Router wasn't working, it would say the cable was disconnected..

    If I used DCHP then it worked fine..

    So, what I tried was set it up as DCHP, then change it at the router to Static IP at the address the DCHP went for, then changed the IP address on PC A to match.

    That seems to work so far..
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    This is only an issue for one PC on the network, all the others, I can get them a specific Static IP address, and then tell the router, and everything works !

    But this one PC..

    Which previously had worked just fine for 10+ years with Static IP's, suddenly decided it wanted to be awkward..

    But I don't know if its the PC, or the Router..

    As when I put in the new Router, it worked perfectly with PC A..

    But back the old Router, and wham, it doesn't work..

    So, not entirely sure if the problem is in the Router, or PC A, or perhaps both..
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    It might be related to something I did a while ago, that I can't remember how I did it !

    PC A has two network ports, so I had one linked up to the router for internet access, and one linked direct to my NAS drive.

    I had to do something so that internet traffic only went to the Router connection, and NAS traffic only went to the NAS, otherwise things didn't work..

    So perhaps I need to undo that, if only I could find out what that was, google doesn't seem a lot of help..

    I might have made a note of it, someplace..

    800Gb of notes to search though, kinda puts me off checking as it could take weeks to find the reference !

    But why it works just fine with the new router and not the old, I'm baffled.

    I even tried factory resetting routers, and no change in their behaviours.
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    I think I had fiddled with the metric, anyhow checked that and all the boxes are blank there.


    Was fiddling with settings..

    Network speed settings, changed it from 1Gbit to 100Mbit and it now seems to work !

    No idea why !

    It's connection goes via a 1Gbit SWITCH..

    So, why would it work fine when there is another router hanging off the other side ???


    Of course, I'd really like a faster network connection on that PC, but at least any network connection is better than none !

    So, could it be the SWITCH at fault, or at fault as well as the other router !

    And / or even the PC too !

    I wish these things wasn't so complicated..

    I guess some of you are lucky, you can call technical support and have someone come and make things work !

    Sadly my technical support guy is like 1,000 miles away. :-(
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