I'll just change which directory this thingy uses from here to there..

How hard can that be !


First, the shortcut to that other place, is no longer valid.

No problem, I'll just put in a new shortcut.

Of course, luckily I can remember you have to do it a certain way, or Windows doesn't work correctly..

I accidentality click on the old shortcut, so whilst I wait for Windows to tell me it doesn't work, instead of it doing that, it decides to crash the OS and I have to reboot..

Note, this machine doesn't like rebooting !!!

As such, I rarely ever ever reboot it !

So, an hour later it boots correctly..

I change the shortcut, everything is fine, it seems..

Now, I just have to move some files from here to there..

1+ hour estimate..

45 minutes to go now !

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    In case anyone else wants the answer, from my notes:



    However, the file copying or moving process works reliably if you’re using UNC path, i.e. \\computername\sharename.

    Resolution 2

    Try to add the network location through the following steps:

    Open Windows Explorer or File Explorer.

    Select This PC in the navigation pane.

    Right click on empty space on the right pane, or from the Computer Ribbon menu, select Add a network location.

    Add a Network Location

    Follow the “Add Network Location” wizard to add in the shared folder and network drive.

    Add Network Location in Windows

    Note: Add network location essentially uses the UNC path instead of mapped drive.

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    I'll just move the rest of the data over, and lets see how long it says that will take:

    "More than a day.."

    What, 2 days, a week ?

    I hope after all that, it doesn't wig out with "Filename too long error message!"...
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    I'm totally going to steal your enter key.
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    Lesson of the day: don't use Windows.
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