Does anyone else save their code everytime a new line is written because they're afraid Microsoft will come out of nowhere and force install a new update in the middle of scripting and torch it all? No? Just me with a shitty laptop? Fun T-T

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    As neither Ubuntu or Mac OS has automatic restarts and my IDE automatically saves - no I don't.

    You know you can disable restarts during specific hours?
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    You can disable automatic restarts altogether.
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    @sbiewald yeah, however I might be writing code at 3 in the morning
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    I Think in new update, u can disable update.
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    I know how to 1. Enable autosave and 2. How to disable automatic updates

    Its really not rocket science guys.
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    Thank you all
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    I has Linux, me no lost data 'cuz dumb os
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    For POC's and test projects that are not on git at office, I backup a zip every week on a shared storage server. Coz I am not sure when this mighty windows will stop responding or fuck things up on my workstation.
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    I have auto save!
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