First week on the new job,

Looked at the existing (halfway done) react native code made by a third party vendor (again),

Fuck, they charge money for this shit?

Directory structure is shit

Redux code is shit

Api code is shit

They were given mock api and they still fucking hardcoded everything in the component shit

The only not-too-shit part is that it already used typescript, but just now I found it's because they used a fucking "under development" boilerplate,

that is still on version 0.0.6,

was last updated 6 months ago,

and it literally said "not ready for production" on the github,

Luckily I was given the authority to do a refactoring, which I'm gonna use to rewrite the app, because of that fucking boilerplate, and the only working part is only the UI, I can scrape what I can and scrap the rest

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