Until AI can change a baby's diaper, I'm not getting into an autonomous vehicle.

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    So, never?
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    Ah yes, the final level of driving AI:
    - level 3: partially autonomous, takes its own decisions, but requires human confirmation
    - level 4: fully autonomous, takes its own decisions, no human input required
    - level 5: changes diapers

    Because you can't drive a car if you don't know how to change a diaper, and separation of concerns isn't a thing.
    I wonder what Tesla's diaper-changing team is doing right now.
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    @endor exactly.
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    I have never changed a diaper. Does that mean I shouldn't drive my car?
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    I wouldn't get into an autonomous vehicle if they used an AI trained on changing baby diapers.
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    @TobiSGD Would you trust AI driving at 60mph to make the right choice if there is proverbial poop up ahead?? I wouldn't
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    @aRantUser There are human drivers I wouldn't trust to react properly at 60 mph.
    Anyways, if the AI is good enough, of course I would.
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