I led one workstream with three different technologies so technically it was three several workstreams compacted into one integration workstream.

After over a year of self-studying three different technologies and teaching the professional hires who were supposed to know about it, teaching everyone, training everyone, and at some point being the only one left during defect season because while others are on vacation, some lazy fuck decided to go on sick leave and leave me with all the defects and training the juniors.

After all this shit and everything else I cannot mention, I was given a 10% increase and turned into a "senior". During my exit interview, I said it's one of the reasons I left, because the increase was too damn low for such big responsibilites. I received better than that when I was a junior in my first company and all I did then is maintenance and shit.

The interviewer asked, "So 10%, how much were you expecting?" Fuck you. What kind of question is that? Is this even the norm? Well, fuck that. That company started having trouble getting new clients and more than half of the entire project left. Shocking.

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    That fuckin sucks, I am on a similar situation here
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    @Coffe2Code Leave that motherfucking shithole. Seriously, don't question your instincts just like I did. I thought I was just a bitch but it turned out I was bitch but so were they. You can't have two bitches in the same room, you know. Imagine a company of bitches.
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    @Coffe2Code the thing is, I am not in my country, and the market here is a bitch. I was applying for other jobs on other places but nothing happened till now.
    Plus responsibilities that tie me from risking, wife and a cute baby.
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    @Coffe2Code Ah, that is tricky.
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    @rutee07 "company of bitches" pornhub?
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