"We know you were an intern yesterday, but the last senior (who was actually a junior) resigned so now you have the project and a team of 5 other interns because they all look up to you. Here's 15$/h (actually not a bad salary in my country) for your efforts."
I've become an expert at firefighting with technologies that I haven't heard of an hour ago.

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    Nice. Good luck, have fun, start searching for a new job.
    What's the tech, if I may ask? Just curious.
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    Just don't forget to keep asking for promotions and raises regularly and strongly.
    Otherwise, you'll end up being a senior with an intern salary
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    Put „promoted to team leader” on your resume. Look for a new job.
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    As a high school intern I have the liberty to only care as much as I want. This makes it a lot more fun than it's supposed to be. As for the project, it will fail obviously, but I'll probably have an enthusiastic team of 3 and a lot more experience with people.
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    @Agred asp.net MVC with Entity Framework and MS Workflow Foundation Server for some f.ing reason. No frontend framework though, which is good since there's less concepts for the interns to abuse.
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