Okay not dev related. But what's the code of conduct? You're at a buffet. A few people stop in front of you to take salad and you're just waiting to get past them to the meat. Do you have to wait until they are done or can you just grab your tray and move past them to the empty meat area?

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    What if they will get meat too? I prefer waiting. Passing them wouldn't add more than 1 minute to my life. So it wont worth it.
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    @M1sf3t whenever I do that question isn't posed. But on that particular buffet run I opted for protein and carbon hydrates only.
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    It depends on the culture where you are. Some places are more accepting of this than others. My version of a midlife crisis is manifesting as "no more fucks to give" so I'd just go around.
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    @rutee07 oh you definitely hit the mark. Have you been there, too?
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    See if they realize you are waiting. If there is enough time to talk, go ahead grab your food *thumb up*
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