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So around 13PM last Thursday I got pulled aside off the project I was working on (I've been working on mobile apps for the last year for the majority of time) and told to work on a website that will go live at 10AM the next day.

The reason being that the main Dev who was working on the site got fired for poor performance that same day, so they needed someone else to work on the website.

Turns out it's not just the simple "pre flight" stuff you'd typically do before launching a site, it was a lot of work that needed doing - cross browser testing & responsiveness, tweaking advanced JavaScript functionality and then all the pre & post flight stuff like ensuring all pages are SEO optimised, images are compressed etc etc.

Needless to say I worked my ass off Thursday and Friday to try and get the site live in as best position as possible, did a full test on desktop, a full test on mobile (minus payment gateway integration) and everything seemed okay for the most part.

After the site went live (I guess I should explain that another company manages their DNS so I couldn't delay the launch as I didn't have access to their DNS account) as I didn't get to the SEO point yet, so I started to minify the JavaScript and stylesheets, the usual stuff - everything looked fine at first glance.

So I get in to work on Monday, to be pulled aside by the project manager, who happens to be our HR manager too. (who I should also note has been known to do things very last minute in terms of getting work pushed in a few days, sometimes hours before client meetings) and pulls me aside and basically asks me I've tested mobiles, as some functionality isn't working on the homepage for mobile devices (was something to do with the minified CSS that broke it) but to which I said yes, as I did the majority of the testing before I minified everything. Which I'll admit I should've probably done a full test, but at the same time was very limited for time.

Now the main reason I'm writing this is that I was thinking about applying to become the line manager for the back-end department, and she somehow managed to turn it around and play on that by saying that she bought by giving me this responsibility would've been a good test to see what I can do in situations like this - when I see it as purely her dumping her workload on someone else so she doesn't have to worry about it - but she made it seem like I don't care about the project or made it seem like I think working on websites is below me or something.

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    I read your entire rant, You fell into her trap, I would suggest you to keep working don’t do anything when the time comes in a meeting ask for a raise as you have already proven yourself. Just wait for the right time to take your revenge and make sure the time comes early.
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    @GurvirBhogal yeah as it stands I'm still working on stuff, just super annoying that some guy got fired and all his shit now rests on me and my credibility is on the line for his mistakes... When I had very little involvement in the project from the start lmao
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    I learned to not play others personal games at work, do my job, don’t give a fuck, make my own decisions, don’t try to fight for someone’s admiration and show my work to everyone.

    What you should do is put mark when he finished and show what you’ve done in short period of time. Show two applications side by side and apply for position you want.

    At work there are no friends, only people who didn’t have occasion to stab you in back.

    Especially people without technical background that are in manager positions, they hit hard when you become manager cause they know you will be 10 times better in understanding product and delegating work then them if you got average soft skills.

    Be prepared to meet lots of those shitty fuckers during your career.

    Good luck.

    ( I am not good at giving opinions )
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    Are you prepared to look for another position? That's easy for me to say. Another route to resolving this is to meet with her individually and explain how you feel and follow the discussion up with a detailed email. I would mic the discussion without her knowledge, though.
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    @vane beautifully said.
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    @vane an old gentleman once said to me.

    "do your job and take your money, don't be concerned with anything else."

    He said it took him many years to learn that

    I have always taken it to heart
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    @muttley true I learned it hard way ...
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    Do you feel, you'll still get the chance to get a promotion? If not, time to update your resume and go job hunting. Oh and be sure to tell the current company why you're leaving.
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