I am thinking of buying a '95 Jaguar that comes with a new/full year MOT. Had one in the past but sold because I wasn't using it often. I can pay for the car but not sure I should as I could save the money for what may come in the coming years. I won't drive it daily, only during the weekends. It would be fun for a year, then get a new MOT for the car and sell it (or keep it). The emotional decision isn't the problem, it is my rational brain that makes me doubt.

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    Rational brain?? While talking about 25y/o luxury car?
    No, just do it.
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    If you have to think about it -> just don't
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    save up for a tesla?
    (the new 2020 roadster 2)
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    @heyheni heh heh, compared to a new Tesla the Jag isn't that expensive.
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    Fuck, don’t do it! MOT doesn’t mean it isn’t going to cost you a fortune to fix in a few weeks time. Don’t waste your time and money. Plus the insurance will be a twat. Hire a cool classic car every weekend! it’ll cost you less and be infinitely more fun.
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    or buy it, and transform it into an electric vehicle.
    There are conversion kits.
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    @helloworld Insurance is around $40. With roadtaxes around $125 in total a month. Next will be costs for using if I use it for fun during weekends.

    @heyheni Interesting website 👍
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    @helloworld Interesting point of view, thanks
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