- work extra hours
- do my best to improve current practices (and all of my suggestions are ignored completely)
- *volunteer* my time to help out
And when I'm asked "hey, want to work for like 3 hours in 30 minutes" and I say "No, I don't really want to" I get called unreliable. And that one example happened last year.

Why the FUCK do I do anything extra? The more fucking shit that I do, the less it is even recognized. And now, people who do the bare minimum are the best people around, and suddenly I'm the one who doesn't do anything. What the fucking fuck is wrong with people? Why does everyone have to use people? Why does the world have to revolve around every person? Why does everyone I do this for have to be an ass?

Can't people be decent human beings, who respect each other and their beliefs and interests without shitting on them for the hell of it? Finally, why does everyone pretend to give a flying fuck about anyone else? Stop being fucking deceitful.

I am such an attention whoring piece of shit. I get that way when I'm tired- been having trouble sleeping now because I'm a pathetic fuck. I have everything I need and then I come on here and rant about shit nobody cares about. Pathetic.

Downvote into Oblivion. I deserve a million ego hits.

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    I wrote this in two pieces, that's why it doesn't make any sense. Started writing, had to work, and came back to it on the tail end of my entitled self loathing cycle. Fucking annoying, I am.

    I guess the reason everyone around me seems terrible is because I'm the shitty one.
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    Fucking annoying, you are not.

    Make less hours, you should

    Sleep some more, you must

    Exercise regularly, you could

    May the force be with you
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    Stop giving a shit what other's think about you. It'll make life better
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    @JohnnyBvo I need more hours. I'd have another job, but people must know better because I can't get one.

    Everyone calls me annoying, even family. They're probably right.

    Exercise isn't cutting it. The way this world is, I'll probably be hit by a bus by the time I'm 30 anyway so I might as well get fat
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    It's called rant for a reason.

    And I hate that kind of question. They call you and make you an offer. When you decline, they come around to tell you it wasn't really an offer. Then fucking say so in the first place.
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    Just leave on time and stay if asked. There's no reason to do free extra hours.
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    All jokes aside, at any point in life things can get pretty shitty. Happens to all of us. Annoying people don't exist. Only people who mismatch with other people. Time to find a different room.

    However, finding a different room in a bad state is always hard because people spot negativity from miles away. So focus on getting better first.

    Try less hard at work. Put in minimal effort. Increase your mental health by sleeping, eating healthy and trying to do regular exercise.

    I am no psychologist, because I am on devrant, but pretty certain that most feelings of negativity are solved by these three things. The solution is as dull as it is hard to execute.

    Finally, stop focussing on external influences. Start focussing on how you percieve these influences instead. You have power over your perception and it makes all the difference.

    You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.

    Johnny out. (And Marcus Aurelius too)
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    @JohnnyBvo stoic wisdom ...
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    @Ederbit doesn't sound stoic to me, just wisdom.
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