Anyone with Q/A or Testing background who want to share his history or give some recommendation to start with that?

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    Not with a QA background, but have been doing Android testing for a last few days. I can't say about the correct path that you have to follow, but you may want to checkout what is test driven development, unit testing, instrumentation testing, integration tests, e2e tests , etc
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    @TitanLannister oh I know what TDD is and a little about unit testing, but I don't now if I miss something or documentation on some frameworks doesn't say to much about instrumentation, integration, etc. In my case a wrote some unit tests in php-unit for some Laravel API projects and some e2e for Angular pages, but as I said, I can't find good practices into documentation, only a few examples
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    @Stuxnet I had a post. Will link once I am back home.
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