Received an approval from my boss to keep my scripts running because I'm processing a lot of data and there's no way it would finish during my shift. I went offline on Skype and waited for hours listening to a horror podcast while my terminals are docked and the real horror happened.


I logged back into Skype and received a message from my favorite person: "Hi rutee07, I terminated your processes."

I'm not mad. It's chill you know. All gooood. No, I don't want to feed you with a bag of bloody napkins. Who would do that, right? Hehe. Look at me, I'm so calm.

You're just so damn cuuuute, I wanna squish your skull. 😘

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    Thanks for terminating my processes, now I will terminate your life.
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    Why did they terminate it
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    @alexbrooklyn He said it's taking too much utilization. Of course it will, that's why I had to get approval in the first place. My boss knows and he knows since he was also in the meeting.
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    @rutee07 Did that ahole get fired?
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    @Konsole I doubt it. He has a pretty high position. He actually knows a lot but it's hard to communicate with him and he does shit like this.
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    This is why daily meetings exist
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    Few screws are loose here
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    @electrineer According to the comments there was a meeting and everybody involved was in it, including the guy who terminated the jobs in question.
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    @cprn I misread that only the boss knew. Dunno how.
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    Cant wait for the update where you kill his long-running process and he goes "why didnt you ask me first??"

    The irony will be palpable!
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    It's time for an ultimate skull-destruction session.
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