Stop stealing my code damn it !

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    Isn't that AV 101?
    Always exclude your own code, and only add your own code to that folder
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    I'd just done a new OS install, so hadn't got around to that yet, and was testing Visual Studio out when I got a new blue coloured Antivirus popup I hadn't seen before.

    I don't mind antivirus checking my code, but it doesn't have to send it off someplace to be analysed with a new feature !

    Almost as bad as Visual Studio sending your code off someplace..

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    The issue is antivirus software sneaking in a new feature for your benefit that by default sends your code away to somewhere.

    "I'll just install this new email client, its so good."

    Then watch as it automatically backups all your email for you to the cloud, clogging up your internet connection for a whole week, followed by a visit from folk in dark helicopters because you happened to mention some lyrics to a song you like..

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    > 'Terror' text contained punk lyrics


    He said he had then been asked to explain what the message meant, and described how the detective had looked "puzzled" when told the words were by the Clash. The officer seemed "a little embarrassed" when he left, Mr Devine added.


    This is why I like to give things a good old'e test. :-)
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