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Inside SomeComponent


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    Joy out of it ? Hell no
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    Its pain. Utter pain. But yeah good feeling
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    @Haxk20 well, It's the good kind of pain I guess, comes with every files I fixed, lol
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    @ichijou you must be a masochist then
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    Rewriting someone else’s code the joys of.
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    New in a project and the company, the authors are ill or on vacations and luckily I was selected to refactor the whole codebase before compliance testing in august... fml o.O
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    @Krokoklemme well, not really, I had to do what I had to do, so I try to find some enjoyment in doing it, otherwise I'm just repeating the same thing as my last job 🙃

    @Snollygoster I just started the new job and I am to build their first mobile app, apparently the company hired a vendor to initialize the project (who did the job terribly), luckily it was still in a rather early stage, as the one who will continue and maintain the code I insisted on a rewrite, it was approved, each time I scraped another file there's always new shit I found, the other guy really doesn't know what he's doing
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