I'm starting to hate it here..

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    here devRant, or here your new job?
    is remote work still on the table?
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    @rendezvous I don't know if remote work will still be available. I'm just frustrated with everything that's happening especially since the speed of finishing my tasks relies on the server itself. Not to mention, I'm doing other tasks aside from this one, now my boss sounds irritated as if I took several weeks on this one.
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    @rutee07 sounds very frustrating indeed ..
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    Looks like I'm not the only one frustrated and confused what feedback we're gonna get. I asked my colleague and he feels the same way because the project is pretty chaotic lately.

    I asked my manager for feedback a few weeks ago and she said they haven't received one yet.
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    @rutee07 that's good :) if current project configuration is troublesome, complain! The more people complain, the better! If anyone comes up with a suggestion to make it better - shout it out! Mgmt needs to hear those concerns often, loud and clear.
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    your posts about your new job were raising too many red flags.
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    I'm a complainer. :-)

    50+ emails a day to one manager about 50 different issues, no problem. :-)

    3,000 pending items for everyone else to fix..
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    Oh I complain to everybody me.

    If politicians see me in the street, they run the other way !

    Even if they are wearing high heels. :-)

    Last place I worked, everyone else would run from the boss, whilst the boss would try and run from me, except he couldn't being disabled. :-)

    First month there:

    "My door is always open."

    After my first year there:

    "My door is not open, don't bother me about anything ever again !"

    After I left, he got retired early..

    FX [ Tries not to make that sound spook like.. ]
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    @Nanos You've disabled him so you can complain! I know it's you, you did it! 😂
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    One technique that is useful for complaining is to map peoples daily routines and keep the information in a database, so you know at any one moment the likelihood of where someone else.

    Eg. you catch them just as they are on their way to lunch and walk and talk with them. :-)

    I did try and get CCTV installed in the managers offices, but most of them didn't like the idea !

    Well, we'd see most of them sitting there with their feet on the desk snoozing..

    There was voice mail, but no one used it..

    I found using printers quite effective, as we had hundreds of them, so I'd network print and ask folk if they had seen X and if so, send me an email.

    I was the only person with mobile email in the building. :-)
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