I decide to try a PCI network card to solve my network issues..

I go for an old Intel one, recommended for its works with everything approach.

Turn PC off, plug in card, oh wait, its a half height card.. no problem, take off the metal deelie and use blutak to hold it in place..

Turn PC on.

Boots fine, and into Windows 10 we go, and blank screen...

Bugger !

Now what.. ?

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    Using an old Windows trick, I boot into safemode..

    Adapter is there, sitting pretty:

    Intel(R) Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter


    What to do...

    Well, for some unknown to me reason (Maybe someone here knows!) if you boot into Safemood and back into ordinary mode, things can magically work !

    So, I boot normally, and this time, no blank screen !

    Meanwhile I was googling on this PC the issue, and came across this apparent solution if I had Linux..


    So, lets see what Windows 10 thinks of its new network card then..
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    It works so far forcing it to 1Gbit..

    Now, lets see if it likes to work with a Static IP address..
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    No it doesn't like a Static IP address..

    I guess because its sharing it with another NIC..

    Let me disable the other NIC's and try again..
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    I disable both onboard NIC's in BIOS, just to be extra sure..


    Blank screen..

    But at least it hasn't hung this time, as Capslock still functions !

    Let's try rebooting..

    Maybe Safemode again..
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    No wait !

    Login screen is appearing !

    It just took an awful long time to boot..

    Isn't Windows supposed to have some kind of animation to let you know its booting and not got lost in space..

    That kind of thing would be really useful..
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    It's the only network card in the system, it should be happy right !


    No internet access.

    Bugger !

    FX [ Goes to troubleshoot again.. ]

    If anyone knows the answer, feel free to chime in now. :-)
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    I check its Static IP address and its blank !

    So I fill it in again..

    This time it asks me if I want to delete the same settings from the other NIC which isn't active.

    That seems like a good idea...

    So I go with that.

    And it works !

    Now, what speed is it running at..

    A quick google gives me the answer:


    So, now all I have to do is turn off the PC, wait a magic while, turn it back on and see if its still working..

    It probably is right, its Windows after all. ;-)
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    What would you have done ?
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    Install arch /s
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    That seems a little excessive..

    I can't be the only person here who troubleshoots PC issues, or do you all have a pet engineer to call upon to fix your woes ?

    FX [ Imagines talking to a client about fixing a PC that way.. ]

    "Yeah, you know all those Windows only applications you had installed and how you took months to set up your PC just right, well, screw that I've installed Linux, and now nothing else works !"

    Kid in the corner pipes up..

    "Did you try booting into safemode.. ?"

    That probably isn't in the official MCSE guide on how to make things work, is it.. ?
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    A bit of testing and it seems to work.
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    In any hardware that uses a new driver, especially PCI NICs, I have noticed in recent years a stupid difficulty in getting them to work on already-installed windows machines. No problem at all with Linux, as the driver is already installed and available in most cases.

    Windows didn't used to be this way. I swapped out hardware all the time on 98, 2000, XP, and 7. This flexibility appears to have been wiped away since 8 though.
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    I'm not entirely sure about the blank screen... It could be that BIOS tries to boot to PCI-E card first then reallizes it's not a GPU - could check BIOS settings and updates on that.

    The IP config issue is correct, however, Windows will permit one Static IP to be assigned only to one NIC, indifferent whether it's physically present in the system or not... which is why it's prompting for the old configuration to be removed.

    I will need clarification actually .. is this a PCI or PCI-E card?
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    @bahua jokes aside though, the Linux kernel very much dislikes my GPU (even with preinstalled drivers) and shits itself a bunch of warnings when I have it connected. No idea what causes it and it only works with windows for whatever reason.
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    It's a little tiny wee card !

    It looked bigger in the picture..

    Checked BIOS, and also logged into the card, though there are few settings to fiddle with !
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    Thanks, interesting to know, as I rarely fiddle with NIC cards these days.

    I used to when MB's didn't have networking built in !

    And fun things like building a firewall machine with 4 NIC cards, making sure they was all different, so you could tell them apart more easily when fiddling with settings.

    I quite liked the 3com ones, and hated the RealTek ones !

    So I'm guessing the onboard NIC didn't like working so well with a specific 1Gbit network SWITCH, whilst the other PC here with similar onboard NIC chipset but newer, works fine.

    I did have PC with NIC issue connected direct to a NAS at 1Gbit and it worked fine, so the onboard NIC can work at 1Gbit for hours and hours.
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    My first NIC was a 3com 509 card, in 1997. ISA, and 10BaseT. I had a lot of trouble getting it to work with Linux, as it required the isapnptools, which were themselves something of a black art to get working. By about 2000, when I first got a cable modem connection, I bought a 3com 905 card, which was PCI and 100BaseT. Because it was PCI, Linux had no trouble with it at all.

    But yeah, almost all my NICs now are either integrated or virtual.
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    > 10BaseT

    Reminds me of my first home network, built from wiring and connectors thrown away when a local theatre upgraded its network.

    Now I'm in the process of upgrading from 100Mbit to 1Gb around the house.

    Done the upstairs, now waiting for Switches to arrive to finish he downstairs.

    Had compatibility issues when one PC and one Switch.. solved by adding in another network card.

    There might have been settings I could have fiddled with, but I don't know much about those at all !

    Should make backups go much faster.
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