Do you actually say the words “mebibyte”, “gibibyte” etc?

Would you? Do you avoid them and use the “mega” and “giga” instead?

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    Tbh, they're still esoteric enough that you have to clarify what you mean anyway, so I don't tend to use them.

    In the rare case that the difference matters (which is rare, usually saying "2 gig" is approximate enough and the details don't matter), then I end up saying "2 gig, as in 2048 rather than 2000".
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    @AlmondSauce this.

    The Mib vs Mb war is useless, company's and manufactures follow the Mb format (1000) while we niche of the world know the difference.
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    Mebs and gigs
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    I use them where it's appropriate

    Which is practically never
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    Nah mimimibyte sounds totally stupid. 1k is 1024, that's how it is.
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    I use them.
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    I like to pronounce them mimibite and gigibite. Sounds like a Muppets thing.
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    I use them when applicable to sound like a smartass
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    @12bitfloat risky move that works only with a dumb audience.
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    @Fast-Nop Not really risky if I'm using them right
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    Never heard someone say Mebibyte or Gibibyte
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    1 kilobyte is 1024 bytes, not 1000 bytes. Windows counts it that way, drives and partitions are sectored that way, partition size is counted that way, partitions are aligned that way, it's easier to mathematically express that way...

    the "manufactuers use 1KB=1000B so that's how it should be" argument falls flat when you consider that everything they make has always been sectored, partitioned and aligned (virtually AND occasionally physically) by either 512 byte or 4KB sections by default and even custom values are forced into being powers of 2
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    @Parzi 1 kilobyte is 1000 bytes because it's a standard SI prefix. Kibi is 1024 that's just how it is
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    I'll use the proper prefixes if there are people that care enough to learn from it. Be the change you want to see in the world.
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