Classes for this semester have finished. I've almost submitted all the projects.

And I celebrated with a massive burger.
And I over-ate.
Send help.

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    Time for a belly-rest nap, here's a medal for the achievements🥇*\0/*
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    You deserve it!
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    Today is my birthday so I did the same!
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    @shivayl Happy birthday! May your days get much better as you grow older!
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    @NoMad thanks!! 😁
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    Time to replenish whatever you have spent 🛌
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    No. You ate your bed now you lie in it... plus I’m jealous. I’m keen for a burger now.

    Btw, congratulations!
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    I'ma eat two when I get back home next month ;-;
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    @Mosesrocks you do that. And if they were as big as mine with fries on the side, then you could potentially just head to hospital afterwards.
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    I just realized the word "almost".

    Are you done with all your assignments?
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    @cursee lop nope. I can skip that last one but I'd prefer not to because the unit is worth a lot.
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    @NoMad ok I'll congratulate you after you are done with all your projects and assignments 😛
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