I'm getting lazy : Don't want to deal with multi thread debug

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    wow, over 1000 lines...
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    The lines count or #if DEBUG ?
    For #if DEBUG : It’s faster than define a break point for only 1 thread in Visual Studio.
    For files of 5.000 lines : Because I like to scroll. (Well, not really). It’s an old API controller. There are about 40 Apis on it. Each does different (or almost) things. It needs to be rewritten.
    Full disclosure : I found this file searching for “*.cs” and ordering by file size.
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    @jurion it should be broken down to separate parts which aren't 5 thousand lines long
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    Yes it does !

    But we can't.

    2 Devs team. 7 people total in company

    2 servers (NA and Europe)

    Thousands of users daily.
    We are asked to push new functionalities. And forget about refactoring.
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    @jurion Ugh, can relate. And it's not how I want to write software.
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    @jurion use the force, use partials class on multiple files with #regions, maybe santa will give you few extra gifts this year if you make it.
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