Rant on dev rant :
WTF with 1000 characters limitation?
Can we have DMs ?

Do you need help implemeting this ?

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    I don't see a need for more comment space. If something is too large it can be split into multiple comments.
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    DMs aren't necessary. Use their party apps
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    hi, devRant has deliberately some restrictions as a feature.
    There is no code syntax and the 1000 caracter limit is here to remind you that you should focus on telling great short stories from your life as a developer. Since devRant is a side project of dfox and trogus it is not a an open source project and therefor not open for contributions. Happy ranting 🙂
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    I understand that !
    But. Sometimes it is just not enough.
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    And for DM, I might want to send a link to someone to see things in action without making the link public
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    I joined 2 days ago and I’m enjoying.
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    @jurion find a third party app. Discord, Slack and telegram seem to be the most popular.

    Or either send an email.
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    Dear god, please no DMs. I just deleted my Discord a few days ago because some people keep starting drama over me not responding there. I'm talking about the ones who get mad about it. The ones who ask why I don't go online are okay.

    I think the community would be very quiet if people started sucking each other's dicks in private. I mean I know that's not what you're looking for but most people are into that. 😂
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    @rutee07 Isn't that what the D in DM stands for?!
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    @rutee07 well there goes that idea. I'll have to stalk... err I mean yea.. find you another way.

    DMs aren't really needed. We have alternatives after all. Plus it's not very often you get a rant that goes on for a mile before running out of space.
    Otherwise continue it in a comment.
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    DM would be nice tho... maybe locked to a ++ count.
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    @Cultist that'd mean a paywall, which no one really wants ~
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    @rutee07 I sucked your dick that time and you seemed to like it....
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