I've been working with PHP CodeIgniter MVC for a while and today I started learning ASP.NET MVC... I think Microsoft did a pretty good job with it...

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    Want to upvote but not sure if sarcasm. 😃

    I think ASP.NET MVC is great!
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    I'm a sarcasm lover but this time I'm serious.
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    Using CodeIgniter as a reference point again ASP.NET / MVC is like saying __Food_X__ is better than pizza because you had Domino's once and were unsatisfired.

    Try laravel or yii.
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    I'm not saying php is bad, or CI. I really like them. At first I thought adpnet mvc would not be good because I still had the horrors of aspnet webforms in my head.
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    Yes, MVC is quite a step up from webforms.
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    Asp.net has its place and is great to learn.
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