Permanently moved from Windows now.

Office Laptop: Ubuntu 18.04
Personal Laptop: Debian 10.0 (Cinnamon)

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    @Stuxnet beat me to it lol
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    @kescherRant Which distro do you suggest?
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    Okay so?
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    @vnwonah So, I am telling that. Duh!
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    @evilcoder Arch, Manjaro or Parabola is what atleast i suggest
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    @evilcoder Anything but Ubuntu or Mint.
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    @evilcoder If you have just started, Ubuntu is good. It will help you learn basics without lot of fuss and the community is pretty good.
    After some time move to Manjaro. Then maybe Arch. Manjaro is good enough 4 me
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    @HampusMa @kescherRant @Konsole
    j just wanted to switch from Windows as soon as possible and given the impatient man I am, I chose Ubuntu and Debian as I have had earlier experiences with them.

    After a while, I will surely get bored and will try other distros and probably again fuck up my hard drive! I don't like live USB that much. I like the real thing!
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    @evilcoder Pure Debian is way better than Ubuntu imo. Although you gotta find a package repo with more up-to-date packages, aka testing.
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    @evilcoder If you're going to distro hop then i recommend having a seperate home partition so that you dont loose all your files when doing a hop
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