I am a developer but I don't drink coffee.

Well, that's partially because I have stomach ulcer for 4+ years now and partially because I was never too much of a fan of hot drinks.

Is there any other dev out here who doesn't drink coffee?

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    I don't drink coffee as I don't like. I like to have tea though
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    Didn't drink coffee but I'm slowly getting used to it nowadays. Still prefer tea though.
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    +1 for tea.
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    Don’t drink coffee. Occasional red bull. Don’t understand the fuss with coffee. Tried it. I’ll pass.
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    Only hot drink I touch is hot chocolate, and that's only occasionally in the winter.

    Generally I'll just drink water.

    I certainly don't fit the stereotype.
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    I have tasted it one time, and the taste was horrible. I never touched it again, after that.
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    Believe it or not, I've never tried coffee. I always drink tea.
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    Dear lord Dennis Ritchie, here is the cult of the not-coffee ones! THEY LIVE AMONG US!!!!!!


    Seriously though, coffee is more of a necessity rather than a (guilty) pleasure when you chug it down multiple times per day, as it tends to lose its novelty (and buzz) over time when regularly consumed. Also, when you don't have much time for brewing it and money for buying it, you fall into the uncut cocaine pit that is instant coffee.

    Don't go there. Especially if you have medical reasons for that...
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    I don't take coffe. I used to drink coffe some time ago, but for stomachal issues I had to stop to drinking it.
    Then the withdrawal symptoms appeared and, after a hard couple of weeks, it disappeared.
    Since that, one year ago, I don't need to drink coffe or some other drink.

    Now, at work I usually drink tea (just because I found the feeling of drinking hot liquid and stay hydrated very nice) and I can drink coffe time to time without side effects.
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    Sadly, doing coffee IV injection doesn't taste that good and it leaves those nasty needle-marks on your arms.
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    I only drink, water, tea, orange juice, or milk/chocolate milk :)
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    I don't drink much coffee these days, several reasons:

    Trying to lose weight..

    With a sensitive tooth now, coffee with sugar too often makes it hurt. (Lesson there for everyone else, look after your teeth, I recommend an electric tooth brush and Arm & Hammer or similar toothpaste.)

    Save money..

    At least the water here is cheap, and good for you too, kinda.. (Too much fluoride sometimes!)

    Warm milk is nice.

    Hot chocolate, lovely !

    Fruit juices, great, but super expensive !

    Cola, gingerbeer, soda cream, lovely, but hard to get ones these days not full of new chemicals that give you the shits !

    Where is the old fashioned full sugar flavoured ones..
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    Nobel for stomach ulcer discovery

    Stomach ulcers can be treated with antibiotics

    Two Australian scientists have been awarded the Nobel prize for medicine for their discovery that stomach ulcers can be caused by a bacterial infection.

    Robin Warren and Barry Marshall showed the bacterium Helicobacter pylori plays a key role in the development of both stomach and intestinal ulcers.

    Thanks to their work these ulcers are often no longer a long-term, frequently disabling problem.

    They can now be cured with a short-term course of drugs and antibiotics.

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    I don’t drink coffee, I just chug flavored water and exist.
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    @Nanos Came here to say exactly that.

    Yay for helicobacter pylori causing yet more problems! It causes ulcers, various cancers, etc. It's such an asshole bacteria. Easy to kill off completely, though, if you try hard enough: it hates turmeric, ginger, apple cider vinegar, broccoli sprouts, and antibiotics ofc 😋. Killing it off completely apparently considerably reduces your risk of cancer, which is a good thing!

    Seriously, @evilcoder: go to the doctor, ask about it, and get them to help you kill it.
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    @Nanos Thanks for the info, friend. 🙂
    @Root Yes, I will. I had been hospitalized earlier and it wasn't H. pyroli in that diagnosis. It healed that time. Now it has resurfaced because of too much work pressure. So, I have to visit a doctor soon.
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    Great minds think alike. :-)
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    I actually do drink coffee. Usually 6-10 cups a day (black, strong)!
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