The different postures of my Uni's departments:
<Programming dept>: "You need a lot of practice to pass our courses, but we'll give you a lot of resources and we'll be there with you every step if you need us."
<Computer Theory dept>: "We don't have the time to babysit you, and you'll probably find most of the contents we have to teach you pretty complicated, but if you put the time and work hard you will have a hell lot better understanding of most things you see in other courses."
<Computer Engeneering dept>: "This is some low level shit. We don't have that much to teach you except the basics of computer engeneering, but we have a lot of optative courses for those that want to dig deeper."
<Systems Engeneering dept>: "Every other department is irrelevant shit. Even a monkey could write code. Join us and you'll be part of the chosen ones."

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