I am not sure if its qualified as a startup.

So me and my friend launched this platform (on android only for now) back march.

Basically its a platform, build around the idea to help each other. Let me come up with an example.

Let say you need help with something like "help in your garden" or "someone to babysit your kids" basically things you do in your daily life. Its also a way to earn money, by doing tasks like that.

It isnt really a big thing, but i do belive in it (its only a couple hundred registered users) and its only available in Denmark for now.

For me its not to build something really complex, but rather something that could maybe make the life easier for someone else.

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    Hey man, the idea is 1%, the other 99% is the logo, make sure to get that right! /s

    On a serious note: all the best with your new app!
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    Sounds interesting!
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    @52cal Obviously the most important thing is the wanky power point presentation for the investors
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    Sounds like a useful app
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