I'm still here, even if you don't see me post much for the next 3 years.

Stumbled across a way that I might be able to retire in only 3 years time !

As such, exploring that, but it will take up half my time, leaving me squeezed for that resource, as such, unless its really really important, I won't be doing it.

119 hour work week here I come !

If I die from overwork, you can all tell everyone else, you said so and not to copy me !

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    It's slightly ironic to spend all that time to be able to afford to retire.

    So I can spend my time programming what I want !

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    Seems like you are putting all the eggs in one basket
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    Just half my eggs. :-)

    If I went with all my eggs, it would take me half the time..
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    Is there even 119 hours in a week. goddamn
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    You’ll have 7 hours of sleep per day? And all of the rest is work?!? In my opinion it is not possible to keep such regime for 3 years. But good luck.
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    I'm very stubborn. :-)

    And also very poor..

    As such, the sooner I achieve it, the sooner I have economic stability, and less chance of ending up homeless and penniless again, where I may not be able to recover from.

    Fear is a great motivator..

    In the past when I've tried working such long hours, I used to fall asleep on the keyboard.

    But I think then, I pushed myself just that bit too far, beyond my limits.

    If I can keep just under those limits, I reckon it is doable.

    I have to pace myself, and not do too much physical work, otherwise I can easily become exhausted.
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    @Nanos You'll get bored after a month of retirement.
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    Not that kind of retirement. :-)

    Financial retirement.

    Eg. I get to work on what I want, rather than what I need to for paying the bills.

    Once I reach that stage, I have a lifetime of projects to work on, and more !
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    @Nanos I see. Don't forget to contribute to Open Source.
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    @Nanos All the best! 🙂
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    Yes, already on my list. :-)
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