Walk in on the first day and am told: "We don't have a computer for you yet and we're not sure where you're going to be sitting so just hang around for a bit."

"Ok...what will I be doing?"

"We're discussing that."

"So I'm to be spackle, then?"


"You'll use me once you see a hole that needs filling."

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    Sounds like literally every job I ever had
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    could be a male prostitute too
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    My company has this for interns.
    Makes me so damn angry. 😤😤😤
    Why waste our time with shit like that?
    If you don't need people don't hire them.
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    That last line....oh my.... 🤓
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    Annoys me too, I had to in past chase my boss to start ball rolling on new starters, rather then leaving it till 8am of their starting day
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