So, back a couple of years, during a previous job.

As a junior research assistant in a data analytics lab, I had a manager who was surprisingly un-tech savvy.

I put together a couple of python scripts for natural language processing of some text reviews we had.

Dude was so impressed, he called up his superiors, and his superiors' superiors, along with all their colleagues - all the way to the top levels, inviting them down to see some "groundbreaking research".

They came down, he opened with a nice speech about the wonders of big data and what data analytics could do for the world - video analytics, real-time analytics, loads of buzzwords.

Then it was showtime for my "bleeding-edge, groundbreaking work" - a single terminal putting out unamusing debugging print statements, processing a 500mb CSV file. It was just in the midst of removing stop words.

Needless to say, the head honchos weren't impressed, and paid no attention to any of our future work. Our team was placed on lowest priority for any opportunities.

It was so bad to a point I had to leave the job about 6 months after. It was a literal dead-end, all because of this guy's ignorance and desire to impress.


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