Oh wow, so we actually do have the block feature now, how does it actually work? (and does it transfer over to web too?) don't think I've seen any post about it or help explaining.

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    Not implemented yet unfortunately
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    @AlgoRythm way to fuck a day up lol, so why is it there, just to have a record for "someday it'll do something"?
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    Sadly it doesn't work.
    oh well, I can just scroll past.
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    I think David mentioned he was testing flags or something and it was accidentally left in there.

    Only thing it does is hide their posts and comments on their profile whenever you're looking at their profile.

    Sadly I still see SukMikeHok's shit posts in my feed :(
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    @JoshBent during the April fool's day joke, David forgot to set the flag to hide the experimental option. He has yet to change it back, most likely due to the fact that he is busy.
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    @Stuxnet @Root @AlgoRythm disappointing honestly, got excited for a moment that things changed finally for the better, but over-engineering instead of just giving us a simple block feature is worth the other generation of kids that can enjoy it after we all passed away.
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