Java knowledge is in higher demand and used more often in large scale applications... it's also almost as old as I am and I fear it may be phased out sooner that Python.

Python is newer, and--in my not yet professional opinion of them--easier to learn GUI development.

I can find 15,000 pros and cons but I still have NO FUCKING IDEA which to learn. I just want to learn one that can help me solidify some skills in cross-platform software development and make me a little more marketable.

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    Java. I love Python, but Java and c# are the two most widely used languages in the corporate world. Additionally, because it has been around forever that means you have tons of examples for solutions to hard problems and a significant number of applications that are built in it. This means if no Java applications were written from today through the end of time that the millions of existing apps would need engineers for years to support them.

    Case in point: look up cobol in a google search.
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    . Net is cross platform now so go with c sharp
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    Depends. If you are looking for job opportunities in corporation then definitely Java. If you want to have fun and make some usable cross-platform stuff, then Python.
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    Python is an important language in data related work like web scraping and analysis, too. Not to mention any admin stuff you can do is usually easier with python.
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