Non-dev activities. Any of you guys into diving?

I have some extra cash for a new hobby after cutting off some parasites. I'm also an hour plane ride away from some islands - coral reefs, world war shipwrecks, and all that shit.

I don't know shit about cameras, especially underwater ones so any tips on which one to get is appreciated. Don't worry, I will not pollute the view with me carrying gadgets all the time. I just want to record a few minutes of video I can look at when I'm back in the jungle and spend the rest of the day in silence.

Where have you done this activity before? It sounds like a peaceful one being underwater. I already contacted an instructor so I don't accidentally swallow the tank and die a mystery.

The instructor I'm referring to is for scuba diving. I also read about freediving but I don't even know how to swim so that shit can come later.

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    "cutting off some parasites" who could that possibly be, from your previous rants, hmmmm
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    @kescherRant Yes, family members who are not content with the money I give them and insist on me getting a loan so they can buy shit they "want".
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    I think when you start diving you'll easily learn to swim. Not doing that could be very awkward.
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    @Humanoid- That's what I have in mind. 😄 I love being underwater but the anxiety of not getting air makes me panic. I remember when I went snorkeling and the water just kept lifting me up, I was lying down, face up and wearing a life jacket. Sweet Jesus god, it got weird.
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    @rutee07 I really don't get how they didn't even appreciate the amount of money you DID give them.
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    @kescherRant They are entitled fucks, also the culture here. My mother expected me to give her my debit card and slave off. Now they can learn to appreciate the past when I was actually very generous with them.

    Every parent who find out how much I'm giving them said they'd be so happy if their children gave them the same amount. Well, too bad they're getting nothing now and I actually get to enjoy what remains of my youth. 🍻
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    Diver of about a year now, i havent gotten sick of it just yet. 8/10 would recommend. Definitely get comfortable in the water first though. Learn the basics of swimming first.
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    @arcsector Yey! Good to know there is someone here.
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    @rutee07 be prepared to get absolutely pissed on at any dive shop you go to, though. They're really serious about their trade, at least in my town. Dont let them oversell you, mid-line equipment is fine as long as you know how to use it. Are you at a tropical location? If you are, 7mm wetsuit is the way to go.

    If you want to be diving in the later months (fall or spring) semi-dry will keep you much warmer, and you'll be happy on rainy days.

    If you're diving in the winter, definitely go with a dry suit. Its a necessity for cold dives, especially if you're planning to go deep (100+ feet).
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    @arcsector Wow, thanks for the tips. I was about to ask them on what kind of suit to wear. I see some people wear normal swimsuits and while I don't care what people do with their lives, I want to wear the proper ones so I don't piss myself off.

    I just don't know what to expect so I want to do as much preparation as I can. The people I contacted offered $66 for two dives including gears, lunch, training, etc.

    I'm in a tropical location, by the way. It's either rainy or sunny. 😄
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    @rutee07 One must first drown to appreciate the art of swimming.
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    I'm not good at diving as I can't breath under water.
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    I like diving. Did my openwaters in Bali and the advanced in Australia.
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    @Wack Cool. I'm planning to go to Bali in the next few months as well, starting point would be Ubud and then go from there. Where did you do it?
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    Somewhere along the norther coast. In Bali diving is mostly in the north. The house we stayed at had a pool, therefor the first dive was conducted there. If your accomodation has one too, ask your host about it, you're probably not the first person to ask.
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