There's this weird thing I am noticing since few years and I don't know if it's just me.

I have noticed that companies are becoming outright sexist, hiring women very incapable of doing anything in tech industry, even for the roles of software developers (My friends were asked questions like, 'Do you think you will be able to perform at this job?' Or, 'What have you worked on at previous job?' and similar questions where it really doesn't require much of a brain to come up with something good). And they got hired!

Where as I remember slogging 4-5 interviews including 2 live coding sessions and rigorous technical interviews at multiple places only to know I have been rejected because I couldn't answer some of those really lame technical questions which aren't even needed in daily life. It didn't matter if I had developed multiple apps that are used by some people over the internet. or the academic record where I was in top 5% every year. Or my side projects for that matter.

It sucks to see this kind of sexism against men! It boils my blood, but yeah, women participation in workplace is very low, so you gotta hire them! (-_-) and I feel only people who will struggle are ugly males.

Call me anything you want, but you have to face this to know this is happening. Especially in Indian tech industry.

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    It is a tough nut to crack. On one side, you've got feminists and diversity proponent making ridiculous claims that men in STEM discriminate against women. So the solution was to introduce hiring quotas and make a big deal of this by being very vocal about it. Hiring managers now have a lot of shit to deal with when hiring someone and I know this as I had been trained to perform interviews. The HR team (which is all females BTW and that is apparently good and doesn't affect their quotas 🤣) told us that we need to work on getting rid of our "Subconscious biases" which is bullshit. The moment you're told you've such bias then you will consciously work on reverting it by being bias but the other way around. which means if you have 2 applicants a male and a female you consciously think that if you hire the male then the feminists HR would eat you alive, or if you hire the female then you are also discriminating against the male just to fill a quota.
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    What feminists and diversity fetishists have done here is throw hiring by meritocracy out of the window and replace it by gender (and what the person identifies as which is a problem on its own) and by doing this, they are damaging teams. Now, whenever a team gets a female hire, the first thing males will think is: was she hired because she is a woman? Which is not fair to the woman at all as she might be very capable of doing the job and has the qualififcations required, but now, because of this forced diversity, she will have to deal with stigma which is also not fair to her. People will blame men for this, but really it is not our fault.

    What baffles me is how gender-based hiring quotas are actually still legal. How can people actually trust hiring processes knowing they might get hired based on having the right type of genitals? Would the person be satisfied knowing they got hired only because they are woman and not because of skill? would it be considered an insult?
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    So before, when a female joined a team, no one really cared why she was hired. Now? now everyone thinks she is there because she's a woman even though that might not be true.

    Feminists have done women yet another favor here 🤣
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    "women participation in workplace is very low" this is not true though. this is just what everyone's been told.

    There are fields where the majority are females. No one complains about those.

    I also jokingly (but not anymore) think that the fight for equality only happens for quality jobs with social status.

    Have you seen diversity quotas for garbage men jobs? would they change the term to also be gender neutral? or are women too good to do such jobs?

    when they fight for equality in jobs such as garbage collection, or any job that people look down at then and maybe then I'll consider my stance again.

    This goes without saying that I used garbage men example not because i think they are lower than me or anybody else... i used it because society generally makes fun of such jobs. no offense meant there.
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    @MrCSharp I follow Jordan Peterson, and he has a very clear view of how bringing equality will actually hamper us. Well, that's another topic to debate about. (Like no one bats an eye when more males are war victims, most soldiers who die are male, most homeless people on planet are male yada yada.)

    I totally agree with whatever you have said, I don't know I feel paranoid about the system more day by day. Only thing we can do now is trust ourselves with our skillset.

    I mean look at the software development industry, there's immense competition for good roles already, now factor in this diversity shit quotas, what would that do good to us? It will only fuck us mentally.
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    I could care less even if IT industry gets driven by a male female ratio of 1:0. Equality and meritocracy are two different things and they have their fair share of cases to be applied for

    If two poor people need money to survive, give them both equally without looking at them. If two good candidates need a job to survive, give them both their job offers as they both deserve it. Discrimination in the name of equality is by definition discrimination
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    Equal Opportunity != Equal Outcome

    A lot of people forget this.
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    Company I work at doesn't seem to hire women just for the sake of hiring women. They make sure they are able to do their shit. Of course, that company is trying to increase the number of women working there to look better to the public as well, but they need skills, too.
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    it's not just you, it's how culture war is being fought.
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    @odite It's pie in the sky, untrue snowflake-itis at its worst. That's like sending a Hallmark card to Idi Amin, hoping he'll see the nice blue clouds and stop committing genocide. I've seen the result of hiring people unequivocally not qualified for positions, on the basis of their gender and race. It wasn't pretty.
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    I couldn't agree more with everything in this rant. I'm so glad to see there are sane people left in the world.
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    I have a female friend, who isn't into IT at all. She's an engineer too, so she got the basics long ago (In fact I debugged most of her assignments back then), and now she often go to job interviews and at the end get asked if she's interested in becoming a dev... Absolutely nothing in her resume talk about programming, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I don't know about your country, but in mine, companies must meet a certain quota of woman, or else, face a big fine.
    So woman do not need meet to meet the same requirements as man.
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    Yeah, my biggest problem with all that crap is the huge condescension of forcing women into STEM careers, *no matter if they want it or not.*

    Can't they just let people work on whatever they want?

    Why is there a forced quota on cool jobs only? Where are the campaigns to bring more women on dangerous and thus, of course, male-dominated jobs?

    I loathe that hypocrisy.
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