Burn it before it can....

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    This reminds me of that moment when my adhd sometimes puts me into intense hyperfocus and then after it wears off i wonder who in the heck created this.
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    What I'm wondering is how many times it took for him to crash his computer before he thought it best to go back and leave the note that says please don't modify 😂
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    It's not crashing if you call it "surprise debugging". At least you know something is crashing it, right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @M1sf3t 0 because compilers ain't stupid
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    Hello there reddit repost.

    Also apparently some compilers are smart enough to make n*n of this (see said reddit post).
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    @git-out idk, maybe the one compiling this, but i was trying to figure out all the ways to pass props around in this new js framework Im trying and i thought the browser was gonna give my computer a meltdown when accidentally configured two of them in a loop. Think there may have been a reactive statement or two involved as well. Also probably didnt help that the components were live 🙄
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    This is how basically everyone in my school codes ngl
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    Now that is some honest documentation comments if I ever saw any!
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    @kosherRage (Not doc comments)
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